November 02, 2009

Our Monday of Music

Not that long ago, we started a program called READING MUSIC NOTES WITH EASE. The children really enjoyed learning about the note characters. Their retention has been fantastic even through a bought of colds and a week long break. You can read our previous music post here.

I decided to let the children use their newly acquired knowledge to start to learn JINGLE BELLS. Since they know the notes on the piano, my oldest son wrote out the note names for my two youngest. I had to help my oldest get started since he had not learned the notes but only the relationship when he took piano lessons.


Mattie took right to it! She played it happily. After finger pecking through it several times, I placed her hands on the piano - each finger on it's own key and had her spider walk her fingers. This can be challenging for any child, but especially for a child with delayed fine motor skills.

She focused on moving her fingers in order. It was quite a workout. And then it hit me - It is a workout! It's an enjoyable exercise for her fine motor skills! She can't wait to show her Occupational Therapist what she is working on.

So, how did Mason take to it? Well.... the way he takes to almost everything. He fussed and got upset and didn't want to have anything to do with it after his first attempt. If you have a perfectionist or 3 in your family like me, you might recognize this. By later this afternoon, I expect he will be sitting at the piano, plucking away JINGLE BELLS on his own terms. Then he'll invite me to come watch him and give me a huge hug and smile.
and that will be music to my ears.

We begin learning the notes on the G Staff tomorrow, again using the memorable characters from the program. Who knows... maybe we will make some honey cake in honor of Middle C.


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