November 30, 2009

~ Online Resources ~
Here is a list of online resources grouped by subject.  I try not to list product sites but informational ones.  For example, I don't list all the reading curriculm available (SWR, Hooked on Phonics, Phonics Pathway, etc.) instead I try to list resources that could be benenficial to many people using different curricula.  If a particular curriculum site is listed, this is because it offers other free services for anyone visiting the site. Sites listed under "Multiple Subjects" offer a variety resources often including unit studies and lapbooks.  If you know of a resource not listed please respond to this post with the link and I'll add it.  Thanks!

--Multiple Subjects--







--The Arts--

--Learning Games--  

--Religious Studies--

--Curriculum Reviews--

This post is updated regularly.  If you'd like a link added please leave a comment.  Thanks!

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  1. Hi -
    I've been following your blog and enjoying it for awhile now. In fact, it was thanks to you I found out about the LDS homeschool site. Being relatively new to homeschooling AND the blogosphere, you really helped me get oriented. Now I spend a lot of time searching for educational sites, so I have a lot of great sites to recommend. Top picks: BBC Learning, New York Times Learning Blog, and Exploratorium. You can find these links and everything else I've found worthwhile at my educational blog,, if you're interested. Thanks again for your suggestions above!


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