November 20, 2009

Life Skills Learning This Week

This week has been productive, but in a different learning sort of way. Except for our Thanksgiving read aloud, STORIES OF THE PILGRIMS, we've been immersed in Life Skills learning this week. We've been organizing and sorting our home, planning for and working on our FAMILY SERVICE PROJECT and organizing our storage room while collecting cans for a food drive.

Despite feeling absolutely miserable a couple of days due to my severe dust allergy. It's been a great week.

Of course I still have a few projects around the house, but we are now much more organized and totally ready to continue working on our other kind of learning ☺

To top it off, I have a date tonight with my hubby! What a perfect end to a great week!

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  1. Love Stories of the Pilgrims!

  2. Having a clean and ORGANIZED home is an amazing day I'll get the organized down to a science :)

  3. You need a clean and organized home in order to homeschool, right? Seriously, sometimes you need to do that instead of actual lessons. Still sounds like a great week.


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