November 09, 2009

Field Trip to Ancient Egypt

We took a field trip today to view the Pharaoh exhibit at the Arts Center. It was really neat to see ancient hieroglyphs in person, along with the pottery, weapons, statues, clothing, and mummies. Mason had to be called back to join the rest of us several times. He was in such a hurry to get to the mummy room that he just couldn't take the time to read the plaques or really study the detail of anything. I was finally able to get him interested in some things and he did listen as I read the plaques, but his mind was the mummies. Once we made it to the mummy room, he was so revved up he just went from display to display. There were various mummies there, even a kitten mummy. Once we finished viewing the mummy room, we went back through the exhibit to catch anything we missed. Mason's favorite part of the exhibit was the large black Sarcophagus standing up against the center wall. Mattison couldn't decide what she liked best. Michael enjoyed reading the plaques about Ancient Egyptian family life and religion and my favorite part was the the art work as a whole - from the carvings of hieroglyphs in stone, the detail in the statues, and the handmade beads and jewelery to the bright colored dishes and pottery. I was impressed with their ingenuity. They were able to accomplish great things without the use of machines and the technology we are so accustomed to today.

As I speak, the children are working away on their "Find a Mummy" toy from the gift shop. It is a mummy hidden in a baked dirt-like substance. They have little archaeology tools for the "dig". Mattison has found some of her mummy pieces, but Mason hasn't. He said he needs a big hammer to get his out. I'm afraid he still has quite a bit to learn about being an archaeologist.


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