October 12, 2009


This week we started our MUSIC class. I'm using READING MUSIC NOTES WITH EASE by Betty Wagner. I purchased this ebook years ago but it is still available, you can find more about the program here. What I just love about this program is that it truly teaches the music notes in a fun way using characters (the gang of seven) and the dog kennel and the house with three chimneys. It is quite unique. Mattie and Mason are just loving it & so am I.

I would like for Mattie and Mason to learn to play the piano. Michael, my oldest, took piano for about 4 years and played classical music pretty well, but never played anything for fun. Then I realized that Michael didn't know the notes - He knew relationship. As long as he knew where to start his hands for a piece of music he could tell by relationship how many keys to move his fingers. He could not start in the middle of a piece.

So here we are at a place where I feel compelled to pull out this program and teach us all how to read music and play it. We learned about middle C and how to find it on the piano. We've learned about the D note and C note. Tomorrow we move on.

If we do opt for piano lessons in the future, we will have a huge advantage by already knowing how to read the music. I'll post an update on our progress from time to time.
Pictured are my two youngest identifying their newly learned notes. It was Mattie's idea to glue them into a folder. We have the pictures facing out so they can turn the folder toward them to work on it. They "played" their keyboards today with pencils and had a blast while I sang the notes.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. As soon as I catch up on posts from this summer I hope to add in a lot more of what we're doing for school. I LOVE the sidebars on your blog - they are so fun!


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