October 16, 2009

Field Trip to the Corn Maze

Today we joined some other homeschooling kids and went to the CORN MAZE and PUMPKIN PATCH. It was fun.... and muddy. Don't you just love field trips?
1..2..3..Funny Face!
I enjoyed the smaller maze with Mattie and Mason while all the other kids took on the large maze. We were the lucky ones, by way of mud anyway. Here is an aerial view of this year's maze.
...getting lost in the maze

...posing for silly pictures

...admiring the huge pumpkins

...living a sensory kid's dream! A huge tub of dent corn!

...climbing through hay tunnels

...viewing really cute animals

We've had record breaking rainfall here, but what's a little mud among friends?

Our homeschool group has a wide range of ages - from baby to college student. I used to worry that certain field trips wouldn't appeal to the older kids; I quickly learned that worry was unwarranted. Kids just like to get together. They make their own fun as you can see from these pictures.


  1. That is cool Dana!

  2. I have yet to go through a corn maze. Those pics make it look like so much fun!!

  3. Hi! Found your blog through mormon mommy blogs and i love it!!! What a neat family you have! The pumpkin patch looks like so much fun and I love your notebooks!!!!
    Come visit me!


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