August 22, 2009

Teacher Book Bag - Migration Books

Well today is Saturday, and we had a great day of school. Normally Saturday is not a school day for us, but the kids are so excited about being back into our school schedule that it is easy to get some learning in at anytime. Later in the day, my daughter asked me if it was Saturday, and when I confirmed that indeed it was, she said "but we did school work today." I just smiled . "Yes, we did."

We are working through a neat product called Teacher's Book Bag (August 2009). The children have thoroughly enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, viewing some pages that I had printed from it, is what sparked their interest in "doing school" today.

We've been working our way through this product and have found it fun and delightful. It has a good mix of activities that my children enjoy and are easy for the teacher, requiring little prep time. The main theme of this product is Seasonal Adaptations. I appreciate the activities explaining the difference between the two movements of our Earth - rotation (reason for day and night) and revolution (reason for seasons). They were fun and made the concepts crystal clear. The animal adaptations were a big hit for the animal lovers in this house as well. The art works collection is very clever and I look forward to adding to this from future book bags. We were unable to find the particular books listed on animal adaptations at our library for the Author's section, but we were able to find some wonderful alternatives that went with the theme nicely. We spent a week so far on migration and plan to spend a week or so on hibernation next.

For migration we found the following books at our library that are just fantastic: Nacho and Lolita by Pam Ryan, The Journey Stories of Migration by Cynthia Rylant, and Skylar by Mary Cuffe-Perez.
We followed up our map activities by printing off animals we studied about and then sticking them on the large wall map and drawing arrows showing their migration route.

The math portion of this book bag is also great. We've enjoyed the different types of graphs, and games associated with place value. These activities were quick and easy to do as an addition to our regular math curriculum. The bottom line is this - We are hooked. We loved the August 2009 Teacher's Book Bag!


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