August 22, 2009

Chronicles of Narnia Audio Dramas

This Summer we took a wonderful trip to Nauvoo, then over to Chicago and north. We listened to this wonderful Audio Drama of the Chronicles of Narnia for hours during our time confined to the car. This particular collection pictured above contains all 7 books for a total of 19 CDs. This is not a reading of the books, but an audio drama, with casts of characters, sound effects and scores of music. It is simply WONDERFUL! While you can purchase this for upwards of $70 at some places, I purchased mine through EBAY for a total of $19 which included shipping. It truly is a great investment.

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  1. If others ask in the future, you can buy the whole set via Amazon for right around $20 with free shipping! We got all seven books on cd from Focus on the Family and our kids LOVE them!!


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