July 30, 2009

Back in routine - It feels so good!

Well, The children have been reminding me that we haven't "done school" in a while. This started a few weeks ago when any semblance of our routine was thrown out the window when my father passed away.

I love it when they ask to "do school". It means they enjoy it and want to learn. I've found that when we've taken a break it's great to ease back into things. So today I made up our starter schedules. We need visual motivators around here. So these do just the trick. We'll stick with these three "planned" assignments for at least 2 weeks maybe a little longer before we add back the rest of our scheduled courses.

In addition to their chores, they are expected to complete their "school assignments" Monday - Thursday. They mark them done each day so I know at a glance if they need some prodding.

As you can see, Michael is doing some ACT Prep right now. So far he has been taking sections of the diagnostic test to see what he needs to study for the test. It helps identify any weak areas. So far Michael has taken the English (Grammar) section and scored an ACT score of 29 ( all the ones he missed had to do with semi-colon usage, guess what we reviewed? He took the Reading section today and scored a 35. The highest you can get is 36. We are very encouraged by his diagnostic. He is going to take the Science portion tomorrow, and finish up with Math soon after. From his scores, we will determine what to study to do as well as possible on the ACT. I expect he'll do great, besides being very bright, he tests well.

As I've been reviewing the ACT Prep book, I've realized how much I've learned while homeschooling Michael, I could score really well myself :) I don't say that to brag, but I do feel pleased that I have learned so much on this adventure.
Update: Michael took the Science portion of the ACT today and scored a 32 ACT score on that section. I haven't looked close yet to see what he missed exactly. Next week he will take the math portion and then we'll make our game plan on what to study.


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