May 24, 2009

Our Week of School During Crisis

This has been a rollercoaster week for us. Our cat was taken to the ER Vet on Saturday and brought home to die. We've cried and mourned and hoped and prayed. We've loved and taken care of our 18 year old cat. To understand our week, you'll need to read about our cat crisis here.

On Monday, after taking Mr. Crow to our normal vet, we spent the day crying and mourning the soon-to-be loss of our kitty. We loved on him and spent every moment making him comfortable and happy. We learned about mourning, comforting, and how the arteries work in a cat. How's that for science? We read aloud several books while we were on cat duty and enjoyed the perfect weather here. We were kinder and gentler to each other and quick to love.

Our Tuesday was similar to our Monday, except we also learned about hope. We began to feel peace knowing that our loving Heavenly Father was in control. We learned again that God does answer prayers, and faith can move mountains. We read books and tackled a few chores around the house.

On Wednesday our cat was steadily improving and we left our cat alone for the first time since his crisis to go to our ham-radio class at the library. The children read some books and drew pictures. Our oldest son had a friend over.

On Thursday we did some catching up on our chores, some reading, and joined some friends in the park to enjoy their company and this beautiful spring weather. I also spent some time reading through our new Critical Thinking book that I purchased for my oldest. He will begin that next week. That is one of the many benefits of schooling year round; instead of finishing out all our subjects for the year, we just keep on working where we are and adding as we like. That same night our computer died. Bummer!

Since we school only 4 days each week, Friday is a social day for us. We meet each Friday with other homeschoolers. This week we met at the bike trail pavilion for a picnic. The adults visited while the kids practiced double-dutch jump rope, scooter riding, rollerblading, basketball shooting and other fun things. It was a great end to a week full of wonderful weather. We really enjoyed it.

Throughout this whole week, my oldest son Michael (17) has worked on his novel to keep his mind busy. Just a week or two back he added a cat in his novel. I'm curious to read his writing and see how this experience shows up in his book.

This has been an exhausting week, but it has been so sweet and touching. We've shared the most tender and touching moments. Our normal learning schedule was cast aside, our planned assignments weren't completed or even begun, but there was plenty of learning - it was the learning of the heart and soul.


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