April 11, 2009

Our new blog dedicated to our homeschooling journey

Our Family blog has been about our lives; home schooling is very much a part of that. However, I suspect many of our friends and family who don't homeschool, probably don't care to much about reading curriculum reviews or ways we've found to finally get the math facts down, etc. So i have branched out to keep our family blog up to date and also to give some more attention and focus on this blog - recording our journey specific to homeschooling. I hope others will be able to glean something from our experience and find inspiration and motivation on a home education journey of their own. I will be pulling old posts from our family blog, and adding them here for a place of reference.

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  1. Thanks for adding me to your brand-new homeschooling blog! It looks great, btw. I like the colors.

    Good luck in the CM book contest.


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